Friday, February 29, 2008


Not that I watch much TV, but I was watching the episodes of Love Monkey that I had on an external hard drive. Great show from a year or two ago about a music industry A&R rep at an indie music label played by Tom Cavanagh. Good show, decent story lines. Sometimes a little odd.

But I was watching a new show ABC is running now called Eli Stone. Also a good show, decent storylines, this one about a lawyer. Anyhow, same guy plays this alcohlic father of the title character. They share the same brain aneurism (spelling?) which gives them prophetic visions. Anyhow, it was just interesting to me that I came across the same actor in two very different but very well written (and performed) roles in two different shows that I like. Especially considering I don't watch much TV. Plus Eli Stone has Natasha Henstridge and she still looks awesome.
Despite the creative liberties with the legal process and rules it's a good show.