Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thurs. 28 June 2007 The "I'm Home Sick Edition"

That's right, I'm coughing and have a runny nose and feel like crap so what better way to spend my time than hunched over in front of an LCD display.

Perhaps I should be forced to write "I'm a retard" 100 times

Or I suppose I could just use my time to do something like find a bride on YouTube. But that would likely require some effort, and I'm not a big fan of effort right now.

But I'd probably only end up finding a hot Jewish girl with an Glock.

Oh, my fucking God, I just found the perfect, scratch that, this deserves to have it's on word as a category of consumable items. it's pizza flavored beer. Food + drunk = funk. That's what it is.

When I was a kid in school, I never got to take cool field trips like these guys who went to a Planned Parenthood after school. I can imagine that mot of them were thinking "gee, you know if my parents had some here, I wouldn't have to be putting up with this bullshit." On second thought, these are probably dumb kids, it's more likely they were thinking "ooh red car."

If I didn't totally feel like shit right now I'd totally fly to Gatwick.