Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Books I'm Reading 26) Lucky Man by Michael J. Fox


I'm not sure why it matters, but there are some things that I remember, things that just stick out in my head. For example the fact that Michael J. Fox's middle name is actually Andrew, which unless it's some weird Canadian spelling, doesn't start with a J. And there are other things.

I actually read his newer book, Always Looking Up, first in this set. And after watching some kind of TV special he did, decided it would be worth the Amazon purchase to go ahead and read the memoir written before Always Looking Up. It wasn't something I expected and yet that's not a bad thing. The "turtle moment" that I remember mulling over in my head when I read Always Looking Up, makes an appearance near the end of this book and the back story paints a more complete picture of a man who despite his fame, goes out of his way to try to stay low key and grounded.

This wasn't the typical Hollywood memoir in the E! True Hollywood Story sense, and maybe that's why I liked it so much. One of the things Fox describes in his post-Parkinson's diagnosis world is this, almost Taoism, sense of being and universal correctness. If you don't know what the correct course is, wait. Be still. Be patient. More information will be coming. That's something I recognize in myself as lacking. Oh, I know I need to slow down some. I even know when I'm stressed and when I'm burning out. That doesn't stop me. It's like watching yourself drive into a wall in slow motion. The "textbook definition of Inertia" his wife, Tracy, calls it. Almost a manic depressive sense of urgency and comatose-ness.

About the only negative thing I can think to say about this book is that I should have gotten the paperback. For some reason the dust jacket that came with my hardcover was for shit. Other than that it was that missing bookend to Always Looking Up. The thing that placed the lessons of the latter book in a perspective, the light shone into the room, just right, to give it that sense of depth and volume.


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