Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Books I'm Reading 27) Why We Suck by "Dr." Denis Leary

Am I the only one who finds it difficult to think of the guy from Rescue Me and Demolition Man as "Dr."? Don't get me wrong, Denis Leary is a great comedian who's commentary I thoroughly enjoy but damn if it doesn't scare me a bit to think of someone going for a checkup to a guy who's probably sucking on a cigarette while he does a pap smear.

Regardless, this was just what I needed to get past most of the bullshit that's been annoying me at work lately. Escape greatly appreciated. Plus he's got this great diagram of the male and female brains that I find logically, if not anatomically, accurate.

And I too find it difficult to order coffee in a Starbucks. Large, not grande, not venti, large. The one that's bigger than all the other ones, fill it with coffee, let me drop a couple of packets of sugar in it and I'm good to go. whilst I appreciate your highly addictive (I suspect crack filled) brownies, I just want fucking coffee, not a John Tesch CD, COFFEE.


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