Monday, November 12, 2007

11 Nov 2007 - Stuff in the news

Apparently there are falling cows in Washington State. Not that that's the amusing part, the amusing part is that the cow fell two hundred feet off a cliff onto a van and apparently survived. They actually killed it at the scene.

Boxing I know of, Chess I know of, kickboxing I know of. Chessboxing, I've never heard ofbut I have to admit, it sounds quite amusing.

From the, 'it could only happen in Florida' files, a grandfather picked up the wrong kid from school

This one I actually like because I'm kind of feeling sappy today. a guy in New York elicits the Interwebs to help him find a sort-of-lost love.. Granted it's not exactly the best story, but I have to think that somehow things work out they way they should.

Hell, which is an actual town, hasn't yet frozen over, but a couple from Hell won the lottery anyway.

So a while back I was lamenting about the fact that Spiderman was sexist because there's no Spiderwoman. Like Superman has Supergirl and Wonder Woman, Batman has Batgirl and Robin, etc. So yeah, I was wrong, a girl in India was born with four arms and four legs. And all jokes aside, that's just impressive. If they could make chickens with four legs and four wings that would be awesome.