Thursday, May 31, 2007

>31 May, 2007

I don't remember what movive it was I was watching where there was some evil guy who threatened people by putting a rat on somebody's stomach then putting a steel bucket over it then heating the bucket. Essentially the rat get's hot and decides it's easier to chew it's way out through your stomach than it is to chew through a steel bucket. They need rats like this one that can chew through fucking concrete.

Scientists in Argentina doped up a bunch of Hamsters to see the effects of viagra on time zone changes and apparently viagra helps with jet lag. I wonder if it also helps promote more hamster fucking.

stuff like this bat in Wyoming having rabies is why 1) you don't keep bats as classroom pets and 2) Natural selection has weeded out the smart people from the state of wyoming leaving only the dumb and bat-shit insane.

In all likelihood, this is the state where they say that prayer can help you lose weight. Because the Lord said, "let there be fewer fat asses," and hark, there were fewer fat asses.

No, I think the TRUE sign of God is something like a beer train derailment because you just know that there was some vagabond hopping a ride cross country on the train, then it dertails and he drowns in a river of beer. Now that's the true work of God.

There are a number of reasons why I miss living in LA. Having a 6 1/2 ft. gator running around for two years is just one of them. Too bad they caught him though I have to admit, the fact that the news treated it like OJ in a White Ford Bronco is pretty amusing.

Shit like this guy trying to smuggle 700 snakes onto a plane in Egypt however are why I do not at all mind not living in fucking Egypt. Where's Sam Jackson when you need him?

On the other hand this study that whether or not your gay affects navigation ability just confuses me. I mean if straight men are better than gay men and gay men are better than lesbian and lesbians are better than straight women at reading maps, then why is it that gay men have such an easy time finding such a small hole without a map?