Thursday, February 09, 2006

9 Feb. 2006

This new job is killing my blogging frequency. Damn work, damn it, damn it all to hell.

There was a guy a while back who cut off his arm with a pocket knife after it got pinned under a big rock. That still defines "hardcore" as far as I'm concerned. But this guy from New Zealand who stayed alive for three days at sea by eating crayfish and sea slugs runs a pretty close second.

If you have to go to jail for something fucking in front of the mayor's office is a pretty good reason. And probably a shorter sentance than fucking the mayor's daughter in your office.

It's always some indian fucker who steals my job anyway so if sanjay get's his ass tossed in jail for life for throwing a slipper at a judge I should feel bad, but really I just think it's fucking hilarious.


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