Thursday, August 13, 2009


There things I love about the Internet. Google for example, is my bitch.

And then there are tools like Crossloop which proide me remote access to computers so that when friends, family, and even customers call me, I can actually see what they're seeing.

For example, last night I ended up using it to walk through an installation of Adobe CS4 on a computer in Kona while I was in Honolulu. A couple of nights prior, to help someone fix a printer problem, before that, remote installation of some software.

In fact my only complaint isn't so much with crossloop as it is with the default User Access Control built into Windows Vista that keeps disconnecting my sessions at inopportune times. Much as I do like the improved security, I have yet to see UAC in Vista actually protect something, most of the users I deal with end up clicking on "allow" anyway which effectively does nothing to improve the security of the machine.

Solid product, easy to use, been a savior on more than one occasion. At worst all I have to do is walk someone through downloading and installing it over the phone then make sure they speak clearly and slowly enough to provide the access code.


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