Sunday, July 05, 2009

Books I'm Reading 20) Other People's Money by Neil Forsyth with Elliot Castro

I'm not big on money. I like it, I spend it when I need to, but I'm not one for instant gratification or excess. I do, however, like to read about the escapades of others. I heard about Elliot Castro's story whie reading some other material and the idea of such a young credit card fraudster having such sucess (Rolex Oyster President watch really? I mean damn) was impressive.

Light on the specifics of how and why he commited such crimes (the former being interesting but not something I would have expected in a book and the latter being something much more interesting that I really would expect in a book like this) it's still an amazing story, one which shows the amazing powers of a self-taught social engineer unleashed on the public. Kinda wish I could've had Mr. Castro on some penetration tests I've run or been a part of.

I actually had to read the book in small spurts, 15 pages here, 20 pages there. I wish I could have read it through in one or two sittings, it might have had more impact. Still the travels, the money, the arrests and the one in a million mistakes made by the police when they had him and let him go make for an impressive story.


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