Monday, July 13, 2009

Books I'm Reading 24) The World According to Clarkson By Jeremy Clarkson"

I had this book in the stack for a while. I watched a couple of episodes of Top Gear on the Interwebs and like Jeremy Clarkson's commentary, so one evening while I happened to be in a Borders or a Barnes and noble with the kid, I picked this up and never got around to reading it. Come to find out it's actually a series of columns that Clarkson wrote starting back in 2001 and running for a few years, not hitting every week but about 80 of them over a period of a few years.

The content was so so, the writing was, eh, but there two things that made this stand out. First off, it's a nice reminder of some of the things that were capturing attention a few years ago. Whilst I might vaguely remember that Michael Moore published Stupid White Men some years ago, I wouldn't remember when.

Secondly and more amusingly, it's a wealth of British English slang, some of which I can understand, most of which I have to go through a few times because I have no idea if this is actually a term or if his editor is a crackhead.

But a nice read none the less.


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