Monday, June 08, 2009

Books I'm Reading 17) How to Make Love the Bruce Campbell Way by Bruce Campbell

Okay so technically it's a CD, not at book but it's on Amazon so it counts.

The story itself is awesome. It's a B-movie in audio format which is great because it comes complete with sound effects and lets me imagine my own pictures to go along with the crazy goddamn story. It's fiction but has so many little nuggets of film production that it's a gem all on it's own. Considering I was having a pretty good weekend riight up until about half an hour ago, I have tto say that this was one of the reasons. It was a great way to just piss away a few hours while I went down to the beach and went grocery shopping. The story was funny, the acting was very Bruce Campbell and the fact that most of it theoretically, could, have happened, makes it all the more awesome.


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