Wednesday, January 18, 2006

18 Jan. 2006

Science is a funny thing. We have people dying across the planet of AIDS, Malaria, Polio, and hell, for the latter two we've had vaccines for some time now. Still pharmaceutical companies find it more important to (literally) get a rise out of people by working on impotency drugs. I however, won't be able to make use of little blue pills other than Aleve. Why? Because they weaken the optic nerve and mine is jacked enough as it is, thank you very much.

The BBC Reports

I need to apply to this, I think the appeal of calling Bill O'Reilly a crazy motherfucker to his face is too good to pass up

Debate Bill, Appear on TV

Would you buy William Shatner's Kidney Stone?

Much has been said lately about the availability of personal records through the internet. It's really nothing new or anything particularly surprising. I'd like to you point you to two links. First A short news story on the sale of personal cell phone records and A website where you can search public commercial database records for yourself

On to real news, I like Al Gore. I think he's a generally thoughtful, well educated and reasonable person. I also think he's kind of a pussy. Here is an interesting and well thought out speech by Gore that doesn't make him look like a pussy

And of course not to ignore international news and all my foreign extemporaneous speech kids. Japan's idea of foreign policy. Please note, Adrian and Aaron, the point is to READ the text, not stare.

Best Blonde Joke Ever


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