Wednesday, January 11, 2006

11 Jan. 2006

TSA: Making Your Skies Safer with Sexism and Stupidity:

Homeland Security: Protecting Your Donuts:

On The Heels of Half a Century Jail Term for a Weed Conviction in the US, Argentina Just HAS to Show us up (bitches):

In Other Law Related Internet News, Some German Guy Gets a 24K Fine and Suspended Jail Sentence for Releasing a Homemade Porn Video of His Ex. Note to Self: Perhaps the Internet Isn't Good for More Than Just Porn.

In Other Relationship News: Blogging the Stupid Things Your Other Half Says. Note to Self: Do NOT Date any Chick With a Blog. Second Note to Self: Start Blgging all the Stupid Things the Ex Said.

So As Not to be Sexist: This Guy and His Girlfriend Argue About a TON of Stuff.

And Finally Tonight In Tech News: Windows CE Based Gas Pump. Dear Lord I Don't Want to Imgine What Happens Whtn This Thing Goes BSOD (Blue Screen of Death).


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