Friday, January 06, 2006

6 Jan. 2006

Fruity Money: via J-Walk Blog


This is a really nice example of rotoscoping effects (no offense to Craig if he ever reads this). The lightsaber effects you see are manually installed frame by frame. At the moment this technology can create neat light effects. In terms of IPTV, consider that not too far into the future you can also use the same techniques to create "hotspot" areas on film. So, for example, say you're watching a TV show and want to find out more about the actress in the show. What other films she's been in, etc. You click on her in the show and bring up the information without having to pause the video. Now yes, the typical claim for future commercialization is something like the idea that you see a jacket you like being worn by someone, you click it and you can buy it. And in theory such action is possible, but I don't see this happening as soon as most predict, nor do I see someone pausing their viewing of The Matrix to buy a pair of those nifty sunglasses. When you're watching something you usually want to pay attention to what you're watching and not just "hey, where can I get those shoes." While it's a cool technology, the psychology behind it, is I think a little flawed. Anyhow it's still a neat example of rotoscoping. Oh and yes, I do realize that the quasi-plotline of the video is sappy as all hell and to a Star Wars purist is inaccurate because of the whole Jedi thing about dropping ties to loved ones, but it's still a neat video.


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